to the «Ailani Art» studio

«Ailani Art» is an art studio that has brought together creative contemporary artists to create one-of-a-kind collectible Christmas and Easter decorations. Our artists embody their ideas in the form of unique collections, the material for which are natural goose eggs.

The process of creating «Ailani Art» products begins back on the farm with careful selection and preparation of goose eggs for artistic painting. Pre-selected eggs are screened to identify possible surface defects and selected by size. The contents are carefully removed from the specimens finally selected in this way, the shell is dried and processed in several stages. First, it is coated with a special stabilizing compound, which gives it additional strength. After that, a layer of soil is applied, which will prepare the surface for the most important stage of the work - hand-painted with paints according to sketches and sketches worked out in advance by the artists. The final stage of the manufacturing process of «Ailani Art» products is the application of a special varnish on top of the artistic layer, thanks to which the product will continue to preserve the beauty and brightness of colors.

Each work produced in the «Ailani Art» studio is a real work of art that will not only be a bright addition to your personal collection, but also serve as a truly original and unforgettable gift for many events and holidays. Our artists create unique thematic subjects that cannot be found anywhere else. The original technique of production of «Ailani Art» products attracts collectors and connoisseurs of beauty from all over the world.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the official CATALOG of the studio, where you will see the «Ailani Art» products available for purchase. In our catalog you will find artwork from various thematic collections. Assemble your collection of Christmas tree toys or Easter eggs with «Ailani Art»